I am interested in the revolutionary potential of ubiquitous ceramic objects, the impending kineticism of stationary objects that hold deep cultural significance in aggressive and non-aggressive revolutionary tactics. I'm interested in creating an immediate and accessible vehicle for illustrating queer history - immediacy/accessibility referring to the earthenware itself in it's low cost, preciouslessness and natural abundance, and also the act of making not based on refined technique and skill, but expressed in an urgent and sloppy manner; the aesthetic of recording as a gestural, innate and very human nessesity. The choice of ceramic as material and concept is necessary for immortalizing both illustrative queer legacy and also recording my current queer and trans body in space, my making as a productive process as well as a self-archiving experience.

Nina, after Bruce Labruce, 2013. Glazed earthenware with cotton hanky. 6" x 17" x 6"