Breaking Dishes at Gene Compton's, 2016. Custom decals and china paint on found mugs from thrift stores in San Francisco. Edition of 50. Dimensions variable. 

Signed and numbered Edition of 50 commemorative mugs released August 16, 2016 at the GLBT History Museum in San Francisco. Mugs also sold on site, also on site at The Tenderloin Museum (SF) and on The Tenderloin Museum Web Store.

Text from the original press release:

In her personal art practice, Nicki Green is inspired by the ubiquity of ceramics in everyday life, and has been exploring the revolutionary nature of prosaic ceramic objects for the past three years in her ongoing body of work “The Revolution Will Be Earthenware.” Motivated by the realization that during the riot at Gene Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco in August, 1966, the tableware was used as riot tools, she developed an edition of commemorative mugs that serve dually as neo-archival materials, filling in the hole left by the limited nature of the way this event was archived. She has altered “diner-style” coffee mugs collected from San Francisco thrift stores with the fantasy that “authentic” dishware is sitting in these sites waiting to be discovered. Created in a mismatched, DIY fashion, this 50-piece limited edition is being released for the 50th Anniversary of the riot, adorned with the text “Breaking Dishes for 50 Years for Trans Liberation.”